What is the action button on the ipad and how to fix it.


If, you're having trouble with your iPad and your home button has a problem what is the action button on ipad . Maybe it's stuck or unresponsive or maybe. Pressing it feels like a decade or so to get home.

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Three possible solutions.

One, open any stock app any downloaded app that's there, just open the camera.The app is fine, and from here you want to press and hold down on the power button. Then you want to get to that slide to power off and from here you want to press and hold. Press the home button and just hold it down until you get back to the home screen okay, and what that does Basically it recalibrates your home.

Try it from here and see if it works. If it doesn't, you can go ahead and give yourself two or three times to try it now again well if it doesn't work. What you want to do is turn off the power.Your iPad is off and just pay attention.

The second way you might not even get sand in here and stuff like that can get in, okay? Suggest using water or something else, now I use a water pass and I my iPads were perfectly fine. But that means you're encouraged to use rubbing alcohol because it's possible that some of the liquid will get on the board to the circuits. So use medical alcohol. It doesn't matterif it's seventy percent or 99 percent, no.

Sides are fine, keep pressing on each corner. And keep doing that for about 30 seconds. The iPad and odds are your own button should work now if I don't have one. Another thing you can do is, in fact, it's not fixed, but a workaround.

You can use it as a workaround for shooting like screenshots. We're going touse what's called an assistive touch. The feature, so give it a second to download here, and it was worth what I think it was. It's about two dollars, but you can get it. Like anywhere you can go to your CVS Walgreens even 7-Eleven.

Can see this pop-up right here thing you can say. Anywhere on the screen, so click on it and here's the home button. Click on that now.