Microphone Not working on FaceTime iPad


Show you How you can fix the situation when the microphone doesn't On your Facetime call, the microphone doesn't work. That's why many people are facing this problem. Now, before we go on and show you the the basic process, here are the things that you have to be careful with.

Microphone Not working on FaceTime iPad

First, make sure that your mute button has not been turned on the button on your Facetime call while you're talking to someone. If it is on, go ahead and turn it off. Now, after that, all you want to do is just open the settings and scroll down to bluetooth, make sure. Be sure to turn bluetooth on if you ask why. If your ipad is connected to any other bluetooth device, your microphone will not work from your ipad.

The microphone will work from No matter what device your ipad is connected to Connected to make sure you have turned on the bluetooth and After that check if your process is working or not. Thirdly, make sure there is a stable internet connection on your ipad now, if you have or if you see that your ipad has or is working just a bad internet connection, all you need to do is swipe down and turn on air mode and wait about 10 seconds and then just go ahead and bring it back. Turn it off and after that check to see if you are having trouble talking to someone else.

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Using your facetime call now after that Let's say I tried all the ways, which didn't work, but last but not least. What you can do Just go ahead and make restaurant settings on your ipad to solve this problem, so you just need to type in the settings and scroll down to general. Then Scroll down to the reset options and now go ahead and hit reset all settings and enter the screen time password. And after that it will give you this prompt, go ahead and press or reset and do it again, and once you do that.


Your ipad will take an automatic reboot and your microphone problem at this time will be fixed now let's go Go ahead and wait until your ipad Just turned on, everything is fine. Guys, now after reboot your ipad then just go ahead and enter your first and enter your ID and password and log in. after that check working or not, so that after you have done all the process. Hopefully your problem will be solved and you'll be able to talk over the microphone to anyone you want on your facetime.