Connect iPad or iPhone to Windows Computer


How to transfer files from pc to ipad using usb.

Hello friends, it often happens that you want to mirror your ipad screen with your computer. This is very easy with a macbook where you can mirror your screen using the quicktime player. But when it comes to screen mirroring on a windows computer, that's where problem begins. You probably need to buy the software.

Today I'm going to give you a simple solution With which you can easily mirror your screen. Your ipad to your windows computer. So let's find out how we're going to do This. To do this you need to go into the browser type power soft ipad recorder. Here is the software that you Power Soft. Just click on it and it will open for you. In this case, we need the software for window.

We download it in a short file get the download. After downloading, you can install the program it will ask you for the English language click next accept the agreement. Specify where you want your program I specify drive C. Next, create a shortcut on the desktop or create a quick launch shortcut. You decide what you want, I don't want a quick launch for this program, I can run it on the desktop. Click next and install.

Launch the program.

Once the installation is complete, run the program. Once you run the program, just to check to see if it works properly or not. You can go directly to the evaluation and after that is almost very easy, so once you run the program you need to take care of one thing that is your ipad or iphone and your computer must be connected to the same wi-fi.

Once you understand this, just go back to your ipad and you'll see there's a screen mirroring here is simple click on the screen mirroring and you will see that powersoft is available. Click on it and you're ready to go. Now you can see that your computer mirroring on the screen. You can also expand it full screen if you want to record it or you want to remove the watermark from you need to buy the system. So here's your iphone connected to the screen if you want to stop the screen mirroring. then you can go back here and click on stop screen mirroring. So good luck and enjoy your connections.