Comprehensive Review of the iPad Pro 12.9 Clear Case: Features and Performance


Introducing the iPad Pro 12.9 clear case – a sleek, functional accessory for your tablet. I've personally tried two similar cases, so let me give you an in-depth review of this one, including its bending aspects and compatibility with the Apple Pencil.

Although this case wasn't my personal favorite, there are several features you'll want to know about. It's not complex; made of TPU silicone, this case is denser and slightly larger. Plus, it's already adorned with stickers on the back.

This 12.9-inch case covers your entire iPad, providing edge-to-edge protection with precise cutouts for ports. The fit is glove-like and very aesthetically pleasing.

Though I worried about bending it during installation, this case offers real protection. It's like a babysitter for your iPad. The Apple Pencil charger is nicely accommodated, although the material does attract fingerprints. A thin layer of TPU protects the pencil area.

ipad pro 12.9 clear case

Pencil Compatibility

The pencil compatibility is a highlight. This case provides a super lightweight and authentic Apple feel. Charging the pencil can be a tad tricky, requiring a slight jiggle, but it's a minor issue.


Let's address bending: it only happens if extreme pressure is applied. I rate this case 5 out of 10. Some may love its artistic appeal and slim design. Kudos to the company for capturing the essence of the iPad in this case.