Case for iPad Pro 12.9 Clear Review


The iPod pro case for iPad is crystal clear. To try it, because I've actually used two... similar case so I can give you the background information and update on it talked about bending talked about pencil and see how it goes now that I start with just saying this case.

The case wasn't really for me, but it's a few things there that you, you're going to want to know about it. I'm going to get through this quickly. Because it's not a complicated case, and it's made of TPU like silicone. The case, but a little bit more complicated a little bit denser and a little bit bigger. I'll start with the fact that I've already put stickers on the back.

So this ipad is a 12-inch 9-inch ipad. And this case covers the entire outside. The edge with the cutouts for the ports and whatever you need is very nice looking. With the cut out and fits the iPad, so does the glove fit.

Makes me worry about bending it when I put it on now that it's perfectly real. It may be a babysitter for the iPad, but rightly so. You can see the Apple Pencil here. Charger if you see any fingerprints on it. Please don't be surprised that this is a very good fingerprint II, but there is a thin layer of TPU right where the pencil...

ipad pro 12.9 clear case

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Let's talk about the pencil and how +well it works. It works because it's like a curveball for case makers this case has a super lightweight feel to it, like I'm holding a iPad. It's like I just took it off at the Apple store, and it feels like it's actually Cool to hold in your hands. You're just writing and holding a tablet that I don't know what the tablet is.

This is a plus in the level of enjoyment of using the product is like a pill. Just know that there is a little problem with charging the pencil will work if you jiggle it a little bit. And push in there a little bit, which seems to be the theme for pencils. When you do that, it seems to work bending, and we'll please talk about bending


It's about time we talked about this. Bending all bends, only if your iPad in this case something presses on it, hits it, and you put it in a bag with a backpack and a drawer that can bend. Now I give this case a 5. Out of 10, because I could see some people really liked this tablet idea this ability to be an artist who is able to create on a really flat beautiful I really appreciate it. I appreciate that this company has gone out of their way to design the ipad as much as they could.