Want one rack versus another because it's just iPad pro 9.7 stand.


Let's talk about iPad pro 9.7 stand.

It's something that really everybody wants, but really hard to find because a lot of them are cheaper or chintz. They may not be made very well, and they don't necessarily last very long. You might want one rack versus another because it's just. maybe it would be more appropriate, more in terms of Being purposefully constructed.

Look at my favorite iPad pro 9.7 stand.

It will cover an iPad Pro 9.7 and any other iPad. That you have. So let's get started. This is the Satechi Aluminum Desktop Stand, which is is going to sound nerdy, right? It's my favorite desktop stand for the iPad. Now I say that because I love coasters. I don't know what it is. I just have 10 different coasters around the house and I really use them depending on what I can do with my iPad. Well, now this is my favorite, and this just came out on CBS, and I ordered it as soon as possible because I was looking for a replacement for another spot from Sateci.

iPad pro 9.7 stand


I just happen to like products at this cost. Forty-five dollars. It's very thick to grab. One pound, ten ounces. So it's very heavy, all machined aluminum. And what's great about it is not only the weight, it's very sturdy and it can actually hold any size iPad, including the twelve-inch iPad pro.

Whether it's fourth generation after generation, it doesn't matter. There are two articulated arms here, and there's one arm on top, which we can talk about first. It's going to rotate 180 degrees, which is kind of amazing if you think about it, because that could come from anywhere. And there's a second articulated arm on the to the bottom that this hundred And 35 degrees. It could even fall. So if you're traveling, you can put it inside Your bag.

What's nice about it is that the whole bottom is me. Lined with rubber. So when you put it on your desk, you don't have to see the a mark from it. You don't have to make up nix that it's going to be good here. So, on the back side where it makes contact with your device and along the bottom there's also a a pass-through port down here. So if you want to go and charge your iPad, when you stick your iPad here, it's safe, it's rugged, and there's really no


You know, it just feels really good. It's, you know, very healthy, I guess, with Husky, maybe that's another way of saying it, and it's just a feeling. The reason I have it on my desk is because I use my Macrame and one Mac Mini, I like the second display with the Sidecar. I could flip it to portrait and it would still work. And I could also flip it down. If I want to make a FaceTime call using the iPad. Of course I can, because sometimes if you have a maybe a MacBook Pro, you have a webcam card, it's not.

You can even use it for that. Say, if I'm wondering if I want to play games with my Nintendo. switch it up and use it as an external display, Sure, I could. It would really be a good stand for that because it gives you so much flexibility. So I just want to give you a little input on that.