Useful iPad Pro Pencil Tips and Tricks


With the iPad Pro Pencil tips and tricks, you will be able to work on it in a better way. Especially for professional use, you will feel the benefit. Not many people know about many tips and tricks hidden by the Pencil. Apple has designed the Pencil to maximize the usage of the iPad.

No matter your profession whether a designer or a person who always busy in the office, this will be important. If you are looking for the hidden tips of Pencil usage, follow the explanation below. At least you will find three essential tips which will increase your experience. The tips below are including the function to navigate, drawing and checking the battery.

iPad Pro Pencil Tips and Tricks: Navigation

Don't you know that you can now use it as a navigation system when you use the iPad? The Pencil is more than a pencil to draw or taking notes only. You can use it as a navigation system when using the phone.

ipad pro pencil tips

Just only use to navigate the website, to open links or even to create a message for your colleagues. On the other sentences, you can replace the finger swipe to use the iPhone. Now, you can also use it to swipe keyboards.

Drawing Straight Line

The next iPad Pro Pencil tips and tricks to maximize your work is to draw the straight line. Sometimes, it's not easy to draw the straight lines without the ruler. Even with real pencil and paper, it is not easy.

Fortunately, iPad has provided us the digital ruler on your iPad Pro. To make it, you just need to go to the Notes app and select the ruler. Use it by using your two fingers as the ruler. Use the Pencil and draw along the edge of the ruler that you create from the fingers.

Checking Pencil Battery Level

Both the iPad and the Pencil are using the battery, they both are also different. Probably you will not find the battery level notification. It is essential to check it so you can avoid the empty battery and able to prepare the charger. Not many people know how to check it.

To see the battery's percentage, head to the notification bar and tap the battery's widget there. Once you tap it, you will see the percentage of the battery for both iPad and the Pencil. For you who need more professional tips, these iPad Pro Pencil tips and tricks definitely will worth to do.