How to Transfer Apps From MacBook to iPad Pro


You are able to search for and also download applications right to your iPad Pro from Apple's App Store. There is also applications from your iTunes Store through the iTunes interface on your MacBook.

The actual browsing format in the iTunes Store gives much more alternatives, that can make it simpler to find brand new and specific applications. When you purchase applications from your iTunes Store on your MacBook, you need to synchronize your iPad Pro to transfer them all.

transfer apps from MacBook to iPad Pro

Step by Step to Transfer Apps From MacBook to iPad Pro

  • Switch on your iPad Pro and connect it to your MacBook by using a USB data cable. Open up iTunes when it doesn't open automatically and after that slide the tab on the iPad Pro screen to the right in order to turn off automatic sync.
  • Click the device icon on your iPad Pro in the left column of the iTunes window to access your "Summary" window and then click the "Apps" tab.
  • Look at the box alongside "Sync Apps." You have to do this particular in case you use the manual management feature for music and videos.
  • Check the box for every application that you want to synchronize. Applications with boxes left unchecked will never be imported to your iPad Pro but will remain in your iTunes library.
  • Drag and drop applications in the display screen on the right to prepare and also get them organized. Drop one application on top of another to create a folder. Drag an app icon to the bottom of the last page to create a new home screen page.
  • Click on the "Apply" button in order to sync your iPad Pro and save your changes.

It is the easiest way to transfer apps from MacBook to iPad Pro. if you have trouble, please post a comment, Good luck.