Personalized iPad Pro setup


Personalized iPad pro setup

So today I'm going to show you how I set up my iPad for the iOS 14 update. This is my beautiful iPad Pro 2020 that I got. A good couple of months and I updated it with the new iOS 14. And I was a little sad because there's really not much you can do with an iOS 14 update on an iPad.

It's like the iPhone, because this one is really good, it has a lot of other tips along with the macbook. Well, it talks about the new big sur update and how to get widgets in your macbook, so we have everything. Something else that this background just doesn't work. We're going to redo it, so come on.


Here I just wanted to talk briefly about Today's video sponsor, which is similar to a paper sponsor. I absolutely love paper ones and their screen protectors ahem. So if they don't know it's a screen. A screen protector that sounds and feels like paper when you sign up for something else.

I know for me it also makes my handwriting prettier and nicer when I write on my iPad. The sad thing about this new update Is that you can't get the widgets in your home. The screen where they are supposed to be in this little notification bar is so much like you.

Being on the front page and that little bar, but it's okay that you can still do as much as you can with those in a little control center bar or something like that. So all these widgets are made with Smith's widget app to make it look like that.

How to do that, I've also heard of this app. The callable screen set that they have, like a bunch of custom icons that you can use.


You can use that app, so yeah, how do you add a widget. You're going to go edit your stuff And you're going to go up to the top plus button. Here, and that will open up all of your widgets that you can use, and then you'll be a widget smith. And again, the thing you choose in any size and add, and then you choose.

In between making one long. I have to make a long one under this if it's almost perfect, so now we're going to edit.

The widget that I'm going to turn into Number two and see how that looks. Okay, now my only problem is that it all looks so bad. They don't have that app on the iPad either library.

Oh, see, you can only delete an app that you can't add it as your app library.

This wallpaper I just came up with on my website under iPad screensavers, so. Yeah, I think that as the only other kind of fun setup I could think of, like if you were on Smith's widget. And you use any other kind of widget.


If you have any ideas or tips that you've personally learned on your iPad. with iOS 14 share them below in the comments and Help everyone out, I'm sure.

I love it, the color scheme and makes me happy Yes, again, I will have all the... Icon widgets.