The Best Tips for Maximize iPad Pro Battery Life


IPad Pro battery life

iPad Pro must be a well-known computer or tablet sold fast in a global market because it has completed application. This kind of tablet must price a lot of money because it is created by Apple Company. Even though it is expensive, most of the people still want to buy one because it is strong so that if you accidentally drop your phone, it may not be broken or damaged easily. Of course, because it is worth, people must want to maintain it by maximizing its function. maximize ipad pro battery life

How to Maximize iPad Pro Battery Life

Exactly, all people including you who have already possessed iPad Pro must want to maximize its battery use so that you will not get any problem using your tablet when you do not bring the charger. Here are simple tips to maximize iPad Pro battery life.
  1. Never over charge and discharge. Sometimes, you charge your phone even if its battery is still 50%. Well, it is not allowed to charge your phone if its battery life has not been low. It is suggested to charge your iPad if its battery is about 5%. Do not over charge your iPad battery for avoiding it from being drop easily.
  2. Turn off background app refresh. Background app refresh surprisingly may drain your iPad battery so that it will be best if you turn off that application. Go to the setting icon, choose general which then selects the background app refresh to turn off.
  3. Turn down the brightness. Many old people always turn up the brightness of the phone because it will make them clearer to see the background. However, turning up the iPad background also will consume much battery. Therefore, it is wise to turn down the brightness if you want to save your battery. Things to notice

There are tips to consider by everyone including you who own iPad Pro which will be explained below.

  1. App service. Do you always use and turn on the app such as Bluetooth, maps, location, and Wi-Fi? Then, let you think about turning off those applications because those apps will drain your battery life. However, if you need those apps, you may turn them on but do not forget to turn off after you finish using them.
  2. Airplane mode. It is better to turn on the Airplane mode if you do not use your iPad for a few hour because it might be the way to save your battery longer.
  3. Other apps. iPad has such the Apple store to download many other apps including the games, the dictionary, etc. If it is not needed, do not download those applications because they may take a lot of space which can drain the battery.
Finally, iPad Pro needs some maintenance you need to do to maximize the battery life of your iPad.