iPad Pro Stylus: A Real Pencil with Digital Functions


Apple understand that no matter great a touch screen is, it is always better to use a real pencil to draw. To accommodate your need, Apple offers you the iPad Pro stylus with the best digital pencil ever.

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Most people feel that a pen for touch screen gadgets is just overrated. In this case, Apple offers you a perfect iPad with digital pen that will blow your mind. It can be the best iPad for you who like designing, making sketch, and coloring. Apple Pencil for iPad Pro is a highly responsive pencil. It is almost like using the real pencils. The lighting-fast response will get you a real experience of drawing. This pencil is able to gives you 240 times of responses in one second. It is twice faster than the response that real pencil gives when you are using it.

ipad pro stylus

You will also get an easy way of drawing any lines. You can just use the Apple Pencils as if you are using the real pencil. Different pressure and different angle will give you different line. You might even forget that you are now using a digital pencil from Apple.

The ipad pro stylus: an amazing Apple Pencil battery life

Most people avoid using pen for their touch screen gadget for the battery life of the pen bothers them so much. You will not experience the same thing with iPad Pro Stylus. The Apple Pencil for this iPad is designed with 12 hours of battery life. It will give your creativity best support, especially when you have use it in mobile.

The high battery life is supported by the magnetic cap of the pencil that let it get charged when you plug it into your iPad. A full charged pencil will be on for 12 hours of usage. It means that you almost never need to charge it every time.

Even when the battery is running out, it needs only 15 seconds to give you 30 minute extra of use. Indeed the ipad pro stylus gives you the best Apple Pencil ever.