Which One Should We Choose; iPad Pro or MacBook Air?


The whole things at work are done fast. Must be done fast, that is exactly the right sentence. For this, we need tools with advance technology that support us in a way that we expect. Bunches of smart phone brands are now showing up in the market and we are offered with bunches of interesting features as well. The same thing goes to iPad. You are now probably confused about which one you should choose; iPad Pro or MacBook Air?

ipad pro or macbook air

About iPad Pro or MacBook Air you need to know

Well, the price is high for iPad Pro. But then it might be still difficult to decide whether MacBook Air from Apple is the best replacement. The prices of those two brands are actually similar. So, it is more difficult to make up our mind and choose the one. Let’s start from the screen. iPad Pro has 12.9in while the MacBook Air has 13.3in. If weight also becomes your consideration, then the iPad Pro is lighter than MacBook Air, so you know which one to choose. Plus, iPad Pro has better processing power items. But if you move a lot during your work, MacBook Air is better to bring because of it is slimmer than the iPad Pro. It has also more connectivity as it has 2 USB ports and SD card slot as well as thunderbolt port and headphone port.

So, iPad Pro does not have them? Well, actually it has smart connector. Its function is to connect the keyboard covers as an additional to the headphone port and lightning port available in the device. Videos or photos can be transferred from SD card using the lightning port. Shortly, ipad Pro also has some ports, including the ones that MacBook Air has as well as mini display port. So, is it iPad Pro or MacBook Air?