iPad Pro 12.9-Inch Screen Repacement


Do-it-yourself iPad Pro 12.9 screen replacement

Attention to all tips and tricks presented here have personal experience and maintain the repair at your own risk. There are two ways to replacement the ipad pro 12.9 screen.

First way.

Use a new LCD screen that already includes the LCD flex cable we highly recommend.

Second way

Use a new LCD display screen that does not include an LCD flex cable means you must Move the flex LCD cable from the old screen to the new one, a step only for professionals. Because Flex has to solder different solder points. Is a potential source of error if you do not work very clean at some point it may cause the display not to work properly or only to a limited degree.

Make sure that this flex cable is pre-assembled in your new LCD screen if you are not professionally opening the device. Remove the SIM card tray from the device

ipad pro 12.9 screen replacement


Lightly heat the LCD screen along its edge and pinch the suction cap to the side of the screen using a thin, flexible tool such as a hole made of IEEE plastic. A tool to move between the screen and simultaneously lift the LCD screen gently sift the screen by pulling on the A suction cup can be useful. Additionally, use a thin metal tool such as an isomo metal stagger.

Use one of the tools as a substitute additionally heat the LCD can also use one or two mediator tools to fully release the adhesive. While the glue is being released, you can move the suction cup to another location on the screen to lift it slightly. When displaying properly, extreme caution should be taken when opening the device small pieces of broken glass can easily come loose with the lever and get into your eyes. It is best to wear protective googles require a lot of time to open the device and work your way a little bit at a time.

The front camera cover should be transferred to the new LCD screen as well, which we recommend using double universal adhesive. Also for this step remove the motherboard cover and interrupt the contact with the battery. To avoid a short circuit when connecting the new display contact to the batteries must be interrupted. To do this, remove the screws of the motherboard cover and carefully remove the cover to take it out where the battery connected. You can easily slide the power tool to interrupt the contact connection of the new LCD screen and close the device before connecting the LCD screen to the motherboard.

You should attach the adhesive foil on the hint to the frame we suggest to use the original LCD TV for iPad pro 12.9 You can also use double Face Glue. Universal then connect the LCD flex cables to the motherboard. Remove the power tool that breaks contact with the battery. Insert the motherboard cover and secure it then use screws to also insert the LCD cover and retainer. With the screws, then you can put the LCD screen on the frame and push it once solid around the entire screen.