How to Drying a Wet iPad Pro with Easy and Simple Steps


Having such a new iPad pro must be such a proud feeling because it is a special tablet. Since it is worth, all people must maintain and care this Apple tablet carefully. However, there is a time where you could be careless and accidentally drop your phone in an extreme place like on a beach. Then, if it does happen, what will you do? Here will be discussed how to drying a wet iPad Pro.

drying wet ipad pro

How to Drying a Wet iPad Pro

If you found your iPad Pro wet because you carelessly drop it, do not get panicked. There are some ways to dry it. Here are tips to do to drying your wet iPad Pro.

  • Turn off the device.

The first thing you need to do when your iPad is wet must be turning off the device. Do not think about charging it or connecting it to the other device to avoid any other significant problem happens.

  • Use the soft cloth.

With the soft microfiber cloth, you have to wipe the outside of your iPad Pro to dry it so that there will be no moisture exists. Then, take out the SIM card you use and place it on another soft cloth to dry.

  • The silica packet.

If you have silica packet, let you use it to get rid any wetness on your tablet. Put your iPad Pro in the paper bag and add the silica packet on it. Close the bag and wait for about forty-eight hours. After forty-eight hours, take your iPad and replace the SIM card. Then, try to press the power button. It will function soon, and you need to restore the data by connecting it to the computer.

Things to mention about

If you do care about maintaining your iPad Pro, you have to mention about several things in this following details.

  • Clean the iPad.

If you are going to clean the iPad, you need to keep an eye on the cleaning products used because each product must have a different goal of cleaning. White vinegar, for instance, is used for cleaning the touchscreen in an eco-friendly way. To clean the device portables, you need to use the compressed air can.

  • Microfiber cloth.

If you are going to clean the iPad, you should use the microfiber cloth instead of the other clothes because it is gentle and soft. Even though, you need to clean the screen carefully; do not try to push too hard. Also, make sure to turn off the phone before you clean it.

  • iPad screen protector.

If you wish to protect the screen, let you purchase the iPad, screen protector. This protector functions better to protect against the scratching. Beware of applying the iPad protector because you need to be careful. Ask for the expert's help if it is needed.

Those are a few tips for drying a wet iPad Pro. In the end, iPad Pro needs to be protected as well by you so that it will not only last longer but also perform best forever.